With all this time we are spending in our homes it is more important than ever to refreshen things up and have a change to welcome in Spring. The first step I always take if a room not quite working for me and I'm feeling like a change is to move the furniture around. Quite often a room doesn't feel right because you've changed the way you use it or the reason you use it. So get shifting that furniture!

Once you've done that you may notice gaps that need filling or smaller pieces that are in need of an update.

Here are my 5 top tips to shake things up a bit and get ready for spring....

Use bright colours and try matching them with existing furnishings like curtains, rugs, art work. Drop a throw over the back of your sofa or rolled up in a basket so you can reach for it on a cold night.


the perfect way to bring spring indoors using a plant in the middle of a coffee or side table. Try placing on one of our pretty round trays for an extra pop of colour.

Change up your candlesticks and photo frames to keep it interesting. Updating your pictures will give you new perspective and something to gaze with all the extra time spent at home. Have a bin in each room to keep rubbish in check - our wastepaper bins come in lots of pretty designs be it for a bathroom, dressing room, bedroom, sitting room or study.

A simple switch of a table lamp to floor lamp can comply change the dynamics of a room. Or just keep it simple and switch up your lampshades to brighten up a plain base. Try tying in with your cushion colour scheme.


Changing the smell of a room can do wonders to lift it and create fresh new memory association. One of my new favourite new candle finds is Nostara Luxury & I love the Bronte range by Neptune