Ladder desk for boys bedroom

I have just purchased a desk for my sons room to try and encourage him to do some school work with me (he's only Reception but still got a far bit of work coming in). 


The desk is a ladder desk from The Range and I am super thrilled with it. His bedroom is fairly small and has a few chunky bits of furniture already (chest of drawers, toy box, bean bag) but the ceilings are super high with beautiful oak beams. By going for a ladder desk I have created a different level/height from the rest of the furniture and the height of the desk draws the eye-line upwards towards the stunning ceiling and beams.

The lights in the room are wall mounted above the bed so I felt the ladder would also tie in with the height of these and create a symmetrical feel. 

All in all super chuffed with it - great price (£49.99), really well made but easy to put together and nice and neat with a draw and two shelves so he can tidy away any work/books (who am I I can tidy them away!!)

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Fingers crossed this helps with our homeschooling tomorrow 


*rug from
*paint colour Farrow & Ball Dimity