Looking at shapes & structure to inspire lighting

There are so many stunning features of our old barn and the ancient oak beams make for some dramatic shapes - I can't wait to get my lights up.

Firstly I really want to 'show off' the beams and height of the ceiling that stretches across the barn so have put lots of angled spots in on the apex ceilings. I always think it's better to over do the lighting than under do it as you can always just turn the lights off if too much. That's why I always map out all my lights and switches before the electrician comes so I can envisage where switches need to be and get it all in the right place. It's key to create 'zones' with lighting so you can create different atmosphere and mood depending on what you are using the space for. 

View from the mezzanine deck level across the barn

My second lot of lighting is two hanging pendants in between the main beams - these will bring in warmth and a feeling of cosiness which is so important. At the moment I'm looking into chandeliers with individual lamps in a circle that I can put shades on - I quite like traditional style and the fabric of the blinds will soften the feel. I will have one hanging over the sofa area and one over the dining area.

Gable end where the sofa/sitting area will be with a low hanging pendant/chandelier (the wooden panels at the top will eventually be windows so lots of natural light)