Storage ideas with our Wastepaper Bins

Not just for rubbish! Our super stylish and fun wastepaper bins double up as great storage pieces around the house. Here's a few ideas for you...


Instead of leaving your hairdryer and straighteners lying on the floor for all to see - hide them in a bin under a dressing table or below your mirror...much more sightly!!


Sick of having computer leads and chargers lying around the house and rammed into drawers?! Try placing all your cables in one of our snazzy bins and put it in the corner of the room so everyone can find their cables and you don't end up with a last minute hunt for cables for the 9am Zoom!!


Always a battle in our house - keeping toys tidy! A wastepaper bin is a terrific way of storing lego/building blocks or train tracks in a playroom or corner of a bedroom...and looks pretty too :)

OR you could just use it as a wastepaper bin & bring a gorgeous pop of colour to any room.